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Wise woman… right…
New responsibilities and different obligations are mounting with trying to organize the new job. I’m so very stressed. On top of that, my health is not great at the moment which makes anxiety level soar. I was in a lot of pain today and had to take quite a strong medicine. Half a day lost…

I’m pretty sure I would benefit in my current situation from having a healthy dietary regime.

Oh, wait, I did introduce one practical thing today. I’d noticed I wasn’t drinking enough. As a result, I feel tired or sometimes my brain interprets it as hunger rather than thirst, and I grab something quick to eat (unhealthy option, of course, because it’s easier and faster…). So I decided to make a note of each glass/cup of liquid I drink.
The ‘tool’ I’ve ‘designed’ for keeping track of quantity drunk, is a piece of paper stuck to a cupboard door. I mark each glass of water or cup of tea/coffee drunk (water – good, coffee – not so good).
Not much but at least it’s something.

I also read a chapter from ‘Made To Crave’. I’m 2 days behind with the reading but will get there :). I was only able to open the book at bedtime, when the painkillers started to really work. I read Chapter 2, ‘Replacing My Cravings’ where Lysa asks the ‘raw question’… It is rather shocking when you admit that you love and rely on food more than God. Well, of course, not all the time – that would be really sad. But yes, it sometimes looks like I do. Sometimes it looks like I believe that eating a certain food will make me feel happy or less stressed.

I really want to turn to God for comfort and peace instead. This chapter says that I need to pray whenever I feel tempted to seek solution in food. Prayer is a way of ‘tearing down the tower of impossibility’ when we feel trapped in this cycle of defeat.

I was really touched by Lysa’s example prayers. They’re so honest and they show how we can trust our Lord with even seemingly trivial problems. I particularly like the one where she admits before God to her particular food craving at the moment but is making a choice to eat a healthy, nutritious breakfast instead. She’s making a choice to celebrate what she can have rather than lamenting over the ‘forbidden fruit’.

Yes, it’s all about making the right, conscious and educated choices, isn’t it.